Bop and Boogie Song and Dance “There’s A Dinosaur Coming” with Pammy

Song inspiration can come from anywhere

I was sitting on the train and a little girl kept looking out the window and saying

“There’s a dinosaur coming, there’s a dinosaur coming”.

I thought it was cute and couldn’t get the phrase out of my head.

I started saying the phrase as I was walking to my meeting adding the word “ooh” and a tune popped into my head..

I immediately sang the tune into my phone, so that I would not forget it.

When I got home I did some research on the kinds of dinosaurs I wanted in the song.

I recorded the melody and the lyrics and sent it to Seb my fab producer.

Seb sent the instrumental track back to me within a week and it was great.

I setup my fabulous home studio using green / blue screen.

Recorded the song and dance.

Edited the video and uploaded it to my social media platforms.

Please share it with family and friends.

Hope you enjoy it and Bop and Boogie to this song!